No exaggeration: Southcenter mall is one of the best shopping locations a traveler can experience. With over 5 million sq. ft. of shopping, you’re sure to find the perfect gift and the perfect fit. Also, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is an easy 5-minute cab ride away. Local hotels welcome you.

206-575-2489 or 877-885-9452

At the station

Tukwila Station

Tukwila Station
7301 Longacres Way. Tukwila, WA 98188

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Services Include:

  • Unstaffed Station:
  • No Ticket Agent Available
  • No Quik-Trak Ticket Machine
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Parking: Free short-term parking
    The new parking lot on the west side of the Tukwila Station Platform has been paved. Free overnight parking is now available.
  • ADA parking (8 stalls) are marked and available on the west side of the Tukwila Station platform.


Trains arriving at Tukwila Station use both platforms. Please check the list below to see where your train will likely arrive.

Track 1 (Parking lot side)

Train Number SCheduled Arrival
501 7:44 AM
513 11:29 AM
507 2:14 PM
506 3:17 AM
516 5:47 PM

Track 2 (Far side)

Train Number SCheduled Arrival
500 11:22 AM
509 5:44 PM
508 9:52 PM

Due to construction, trains may arrive at either platform. Please be ready to switch platforms if necessary. Thank you!

Connect to your plane by train. (pdf 660kb)

Tukwila Station's bike cage is now open and available to rent. For $50/year, bicyclists can access the cage 24/7 for secure bike parking.

For more information about combining bikes and transit and about the new bike cage, visit Sound Transit's bicycle web page.

Getting Around

Yellow Cab 206-622-6500

Seattle Express 206-241-5800

Farwest Taxi | 253-852-2500

Sound Transit206-398-5000 or 1-800-201-4900

Metro Transit206-553-3000 or 1-800-542-7876

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