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You haven’t experienced Oregon until you’ve visited Eugene! This vibrant college town is home to the University of Oregon ducks and prides itself as TrackTown USA. Amtrak’s Eugene Depot is in the heart of historic downtown Eugene surrounded by hotels, fine dining, shopping and performing arts. Markets, celebrations and street fairs keep this community hopping. Golf courses, breweries, art galleries and sports venues are integrated in the business district, so fun naturally follows work. With award-winning public transportation and dedicated bike lanes, it is easy to explore Eugene.


Located in the fertile Willamette Valley, Albany lies between the Pacific Coast and Cascade Mountains. Historic Albany Station, built in 1908, was recently renovated and is now a central transfer point for trains, buses and cars.


Adventure is high in Salem—soar over Willamette Valley in a glider or stay close to the ground on horseback. If you’re in the mood for something more tame, tour a nearby winery or watch government work at the state capitol.

Oregon City

Oregon City is located about 15 miles southeast of Portland, Oregon, and is the oldest incorporated city west of the Rockies. The city is rich in historical homes and buildings, and hosts several interpretive centers and museums dedicated to celebrating the pioneer spirit.


Wonderfully weird Portland, OR. A self-proclaimed "weird" city—and committed to keeping it that way— Portland does things a little differently. And these quirks are what give the city its eclectic charm. Locals are passionate about the arts, the environment, locally sourced foods, microbrews, green spaces, music and bicycle transportation, to name just a few of the things visitors will enjoy during a visit to Portland.